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Politics for Impact is a capacity-building organization working at the confluence of policy and politics, to empower political leaders to manage their constituencies effectively by working on solving issues affecting their constituents. We aid political leaders in keeping abreast of local, regional and national political landscapes.

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Who do we work with?

Politics For Impact works with young, visionary political leaders who strive to go the extra mile to serve their constituents, who wish to disrupt and change the way conventional politics is conducted in the country. 

We work with students and young professionals who look to engage in relevant, consequential and impactful politics and governance without being part of a political party.

What do we do?

PFI actively engages with young and dynamic public representatives working for the welfare of their constituents, by engaging with various stakeholders including non-profits, think tanks, media houses, student bodies, labour unions. We provide support to elected leaders to aid them in performing their legislative duties and create reforms in the public policy of the country. In the process, we aim to shape young policy and political leaders who will transform politics and policy in India.

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